realtor mistakes Here’s a really great read from Realtor Mag. Author and realtor, Leigh Brown outlines the classic mistakes realtors make when dealing with clients.

Her 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate include:

1. Abandonment
Cutting off contact with the client once you close the sale.

2. Cherry-picking
Only pursuing clients in higher price points.

3. Not Asking Enough Questions
Not understanding the clients goals and reasons for buying/selling.

4. Too Much Ego
Focusing too much on marketing instead of quality of work.

5. Reluctance to Call
Relying on email or texting instead of reaching out more personally with a phone call.

6. Fluff and Puff
Using predictable phrases and misleading photos.

7. Inverted Priorities
Burning yourself out by focusing on real estate 24/7.

Full article here

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