Below is a list of key fixes and improvements we have implemented for the month of August.

Sanja Menicanin
Head of Product


  1. Ability to share images to LoadingDocs fixed
  2. Clauses will no longer overlap when exporting deal to PDF
  3. Names will auto-fill when searching for contacts
  4. Ability to add multiple forms into a folder
  5. Ability to view identical content before and after sharing deal
  6. Ability to save image when imported from iPad or iPhone
  7. Ability to upload a document after checking/viewing history
  8. Property Address is now populating in the correct fields
  9. Agent will no longer be charged when cancelling account
  10. No more overlapping text on a PDF agreement
  11. LSTAR MLS Feed is correctly mapping all fields
  12. $ sign will now populate when entering prices in certain forms
  13. Uploaded document will now show in audit reports
  14. Payment information window provides correct message
  15. Cancelled accounts will no longer be accessible
  16. More convenient way to join brokerage after being invited by Admin
  17. Avatars and profile pics are removed when sharing deals
  18. Ability to create a clause without creating a clause group first
  19. Pop-up reminders will no longer interfere with workflow
  20. Expired accounts will no longer be able to edit forms
  21. No longer receiving error when clicking on “Subscription Tab” for cancelled accounts
  22. LSTAR agent title will now display correctly in profile after joining brokerage
  23. Signatures are now saved after re-ordering clauses
  24. Trial expiry more accurate with agents joining brokerages
  25. Crossed out fields will now look identical when exported to PDF
  26. Ability to share deals with agents who have cancelled their account
  27. Ability to save uploaded images into Dealtap when using Safari browser
  28. Agent’s signatures will remain saved after adding clauses



  1. Ability to map more fields from LSTAR MLS feed into DealTap
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