You might recognize Barbara Corcoran, the successful real estate mogul from the popular TV show Shark Tank. She talks with the Business Insider about what makes a great salesperson, particularly in the world of the real estate.

Corcoran outlines the importance of basing your business on people, not just ideas. As a REALTOR or Broker Owner it’s important to be good with people – ability to motivate the great ones and letting go of the bad ones.

One of Barbara’s most inspiriting points was that salespeople need to be great at taking rejection. The art is to not feel anything but instead learn to recover from it: “the most passionate people feel the hit the hardest… because they cared more than the next guy”. Knowing that you may not be at the top position but having the motivation to learn and plough through is key when it comes to being successful in a sales role.

Find the Business Insider interview here.

barbara corcoran

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