open housePart of the critical channels for REALTORS selling homes is to host an open house. There are lots of different approaches to staging open houses, from themed open houses to full out cocktail parties. We are here to cover some of the best and most cost effective techniques:

  • Partner up with a local designer – Pairing with a designer offers a great opportunity to skillfully stage and highlight the homes strengths, plus gives the designed great exposure. Win-win for all.
  • Turn on all the lights & open the curtains – This will make the space look bigger, brighter and overall more appealing.
  • Check outside – Don’t get too distracted with the inside and ruin your curb appeal. Check for walkway obstructions, branches or loose garbage.
  • Remove family photos – Let the buyers picture themselves living there, rather than being influenced by the current owners. Remove any photos or personal items.
  • That “homey” feeling – Some REALTORS are fans of the freshly baked cookies, but even a simple bowl of fruit in the kitchen is a nice touch.
  • Throw some music on – Creating a bit of atmosphere or ambience creates a good feeling about the space (not too loud, of course!)
  • Follow up – Someone interested during the open house? Perfect! Don’t let them get distracted with other opportunities. Follow up same day to get the best results.
  • Check out the app Open Home ProLet’s prospects sign in on a tablet or smartphone making it even easier to follow up with your clients with “Thank You’s” or additional info. You can also ask questions at sign in to better qualify potential buyers for future listings.

By adding these techniques to your open house routine, your next open house will be your best one yet!

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