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Walkability is the measure of how easily an area is travelled by walking. Websites like WalkScore.com help people find the most walkable places to live based on a 0-100 scale. This shows people moving into a neighbourhood whether they can accomplish errands on foot or if they require a car. Real estate agents can use this tool to highlight the benefits of the home for their clients.

Benefits of high walk scores include:

  • Better Commute times
  • Saving money (transportation cost are the 2nd largest household expense)
  • More options for 1 car households
  • Owning 1 car allows a family more buying power for their home
  • Healthier & Eco-friendly alternative
  • Diversity & Culture in neighbourhoods

No surprise that Vancouver (78) and Toronto (71) were scored highest as Canada’s Most Walkable Cities, New York City (88) and San Francisco (84) in the US.

Below is a map that shares the walkability score for the 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto.

How walkable is yours and your clients neighbourhood? Find out here.

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