Modern advances continue to improve our day-to-day experiences. From self-service grocery checkouts to online banking to smart watches, technological innovation has become an inherent part of our lifestyle.

While these apps provide convenient utilities to save us time (and money), it’s worth noting the value of veering away from tradition. In spite of these great value-adds, customers still raise questions on: How safe is my information? How can I protect myself (and my business) when going digital? Will this add more headache for me down the line?

Online applications offer an additional layer of security features that cannot be matched by traditional ways of utility. In short, these applications have the ability to further protect your information – an advantage that soars far above our traditional means.

In order to instill confidence (and trial) of these advances, brands offer solutions and safety nets for consumers to feel at ease when using an online platform. Financial institutions, for example, offer full reimbursement for unauthorized transactions made via online banking. Not only does this confirm financial security, but confirms the brand confidence in its online security. Uber boasts rigorous background checks of the driver’s motor vehicles records to ensure safety and reliability. In turn, users confidently ride with Uber, rather than taking their chances hailing a yellow cab. DealTap, unlike other e-signature solutions, captures each and every signature and initial independently, similar to the paper process. By utilizing a patented pending workflow, real estate agents and their clients can rest assured that their offers are subject to a level of security and verification unmatched in the industry.

As technology continues to advance, so will further sophistication, enabling a more convenient and security-assured lifestyle. As industries continue to progress, it’s up to the consumer to make educated decisions based on the security features of the platform.

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