Did you know that DealTap tracks when new information is added or modified within Agreements? By visibly seeing change detection highlights within an Agreement, Agents and clients are easily able to identify when they have to re-sign terms on new or modified clauses and conditions. For instance, if a client of a condominium sale decides that he or she wishes to include certain chattels that were not originally included with the original offer, the Agent would choose to amend the Agreement and select the chattels now being included in the offer. Furthermore, the Agent can also add or edit any additional clauses to the Schedule at this time and then send the amended Agreement to the other party. Once the offer is shared with the cooperating party, the changes in the Agreement will be evidently shown by visible sections highlighted in yellow. With convenient change notifications within DealTap such as those listed above, Agents and clients are able to keep track of every change, amendment and negotiation that has taken place during the entire transaction process. Take a look and Sign up by visiting dealtap.ca/signup

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