Did you know that DealTap can clone your previously created Agreements!

By utilizing the cloning feature within the application, Agents are able to save valuable time by cloning Agreements with pre-populated information without having to manually add pages or clause information.

For example, an Agent has just signed on a new client who requires a new Agreement and wants to include a Buyer Representation Agreement, a Confirmation of Client Representation and the same schedules as the last Agreement the Agent had created with a previous client. The Agent is able to click the ‘Clone offer’ button and that previous Agreement is cloned into a new Agreement. Now all that’s left for the Agent to input is the client and property information and the Agreement is completed a lot faster than having to create an entirely new Agreement.

With convenient drop-down menu’s and swift selections, DealTap makes it easier for Agents to share and send live Agreements with their clients when the Agreement creation time is cut in half.

Take a look and Sign up by visiting dealtap.ca/signup

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