When presented with an opportunity to represent a client for their next real estate venture, you want to get a Buyer Representation Agreement (BRA) into their hands as quick as possible. Typically, you will meet with the client, discuss their needs, then wait to follow up in a day or two with the BRA in person or via email. We are keen on improving this process.

Today, you can create and execute a BRA on-the-go with any device using DealTap. Within minutes, REALTORS can log in to their DealTap account, generate an form and have their clients electronically sign “in person” or via email.

Here’s how to do it:

buyer representation agreement


To start, go to www.dealtap.ca/app/ and sign into your account.

At the top right corner, select New Agreement, then OREA Buyer Representation.



People & Property
Before filling in the form, you are prompted to complete the People & Property section.

  1. Add the Property Address
  2. Fill in your client’s details – First Name, Last Name, & Email
  3. Add your client to the offer
  4. Click Done!
    Note: Extra Signature Security is optional. This feature allows you to authenticate the person receiving your offer through a 4 digit pin system.

buyer representation agreement

Completing the Offer
Now you are prompted to fill in your form.

  1. You can edit the information to the agreement by clicking “Edit Page”. If you added an MLS # in People & Property section, some information may have been pre-populated for you.
  2. You can add additional forms by clicking “Add Page”. There you will find options to add your clauses under “Schedule”, CCR, Working with a REALTOR and more.

Buyer Representation Agreement

When you’re ready for your client to sign, you have two options.

  1. Sign via email. By selecting “Share” at the top right corner, you will be given the option to share with your client. Upon sharing, they will receive a link in their email inviting them to view and sign the agreement.
  2. Sign in person. By selecting “Sign Now” at the bottom right corner, you will be given the option to choose who would like to sign. Once you have selected your client, simply pass your computer, tablet or smartphone to them and they can sign off your device using keyboard, mouse or touch.

Buyer Representation Agreement

It’s that easy! Ready for more advanced tutorials? Check out our training page.

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