In line with the launch of DealTap 2.0 for REALTORS, we will also be releasing our Broker solution on May 2nd.

We hope to fundamentally improve the way Brokers of Record and their team manage paperwork, adhere to compliance standards and facilitate coaching & recruitment. We encourage your feedback as we continue to optimize the platform with updates every 2 weeks.

*Note*: For Brokers with existing 1.0 accounts – we will be limiting access to DealTap on Monday May 2nd 1am-7am EST as our technical team completes the necessary system updates and 2.0 migration.

Let’s take a look at all the upcoming improvements & features.

Live Deal Dashboard

When agents use DealTap, Brokers of Record now have full visibility on the activity within their brokerage. Brokers see when agents start, sign and complete deals in real time.

Business Reports

Make better decisions by creating powerful reports on agents, office and overall business performance:

1) How many BRAs did we start & close last month?

2) How many agreements are electronically signed? How does this compare to industry average?

3) How many leases did we close last year?



Agent Coaching

Agents look to their brokers for guidance on best practices. Pull up performance reports per agent to see how they’re doing in order to drive effective coaching discussions.



Send & Receive Deals

Admins can now draft deals on behalf of agents using their OREA forms, clauses and client information. In return, agents can submit full paperwork directly from DealTap back to admin in one central place. This is the ultimate deal inbox for admins.



Deal Checklist

Admins constantly have to battle paperwork with missing forms and signatures. We’ve changed that – now admins can create custom checklists that guide every agent before deals are formally submitted. This will significantly reduce time spent in the back and forth.



Inter-office chat

In order to speed up the post-close process, agents and admins can drop messages to one another in a centralized and easy-to-follow manner.



Office Hierarchy

We now support multiple office hierarchy! This allows for each office to setup its own custom clauses, manage folder checklists and share or receive completed deals from respective agents.



Manage Users

Admins can easily invite, remove and view agents within DealTap.


Extended Support

To better address the needs of our partners, we expanded our support via email & phone to 6am-midnight EST, 7 days a week.


Coming Soon

1. Templates

Create and share a saved collection of files, forms and clauses for your entire team.


2. Brokerwolf Integration

Send deal information (purchase price, closing date etc.) from DealTap directly into BrokerWolf to eliminate mistakes and the need of manual re-entry for your accounting team.



3. DealTap for Teams

We are well underway in building DealTap for high performing Teams. For those interested to learn more, early bird registration opens May 2nd.


For more information, please reach out to [email protected] or call 647 496 3359.

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