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DealTap is always looking for better ways to enhance the value it delivers to its customers. Part of this enhancement involves creating key and strategic partnerships with innovative solution providers such as Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf provides comprehensive real estate solutions your brokerage team is already familiar with – brokerWOLF, loadingDOCS, WOLFconnect, just to name a few.

As of today, we are proud to announce our formal entrance into Lone Wolf’s Certified Partner Program. As a member we are now further capable in completing the real estate transaction workflow by delivering a clearer path to paperless: start digitally with a buy/sell opportunity and end digitally when the deal is electronically signed, finalized and stored away.

With an integration already in place between DealTap and loadingDOCS, users can send signed documents directly to loadingDOCS with one click. Users can now expect even further product integrations in the near future, particularly with Lone Wolf’s back office accounting solution – brokerWOLF.

Stay tuned to more future announcements as we are eager to transform the Canadian real estate technology space.

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