DealTap is now Patent Pending with numerous Design and Utility Patents Registered with Norton Rose Fulbright LLP. As the industry gears up, DealTap is first out of the gate with access to IP that adds further value to our partners and top Real Estate firms in the country.

Below is the current status of Electronic Signatures in Ontario:

1. The Electronic Signatures bill is in the provincial budget,

2. Bill approved by committee,

3. The Bill has recently received Royal Ascent.

The last remaining step is an approval from the Lieutenant Governor and the bill becomes law. There a few more weeks until electronic signatures become a legally binding option in Ontario. The DealTap team is working hard to stay ahead of the curve and introduce its service as the laws take effect.

Among market leadership, transparency, and the advantages for early adoption are numerous benefits.

*Create a truly Paperless Real Estate transaction process

*Live Secure Signing from any device or smartphone

*Automated Offer audit tracking on all counter offers, amendments & signatures

*Free participation for all parties collaborating on the offer (Sellers, Buyers & Respective Agents)

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