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OREA forms with built in electronic signatures

We understand it takes time to properly mark and educate where each party needs to sign. Every SmartForm has built-in electronic signatures which means signatures and initials are already marked for all parties. Simply add your respective party and share for electronic signing, we guide them to sign in the right spot every time.

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Imagine an OREA form that prevent mistakes before they happen

With our SmartForm™ technology, DealTap understands what each field means in every OREA form. This means we can alter you and your respective parties if inputs are missing or entered incorrectly. This ensures documents are executed right the first time, protecting you from any potential liabilities down the road.

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OREA form version tracking

Change tracking makes negotiations simple and clean.

SmartForms keeps your documents clean while meticulously tracking every change. See changes on your agreement as they happen and view previous versions of any OREA form. No need to fax messy agreements back and forth.

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Does DealTap have OREA rental application forms?

Yes! DealTap is a licensed provider of all OREA forms and clauses. We have the OREA standard rental application form along with all other residential OREA forms.

How do recipients sign DealTap’s SmartForms™?

Recipients of DealTap documents can e-sign their documents on any web-enabled device such as a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer. All they need is an email address to recieve a link to the document. When they open the document in their browser, they’re guided through the entire signing process with our guided tour feature.

Is every OREA form in DealtTap up-to-date?

As a licensed OREA from provider, we follow standard licensing protocol and update all forms as provided by OREA.

Can I fill out and e-sign OREA forms from my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely! DealTap is designed to make the REALTOR’s life easier. This means being able to create and electronically sign any OREA form anywhere using any web-based device. This includes your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone device.

Does DealTap have OREA lease agreement forms?

Yes, DealTap does have OREA standard lease agreemnet forms, also known as OREA form 400. You can add rental applications, credit scores, employment letters and tenant paystubs to your DealTap lease agreement.

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