Real Estate agents in Ontario have come up with their own way of expediting the purchase and sale offer process by using digital sales tools. Tools created to assist in alleviating the burden of generating a new paper based offer with each new client.

There are many off-the-shelf digital sales tools that offer digital signatures and collaboration as well. The problem with these tools is that they are often cumbersome to use, slow to evolve, and rely on a PDF as the sole vehicle for the transaction.

We like to place them into two categories – a) free digital sales tools available online to registered realtors, and b) commercial transaction tools used for collaboration.

Free digital sales tools provided by the boards do a great job of populating standard OREA forms, even giving realtors the promise of digital signatures in the future. However, a PDF is often static and does not offer any convenient way for collaborators to edit it, therefore it must be printed, manually edited and faxed back. This is where the problems start in any transaction process – the very second we go with paper, fax machines and scanners.

The flip side to this issue is that there are off-the-shelf transaction tools designed for a more collaborative approach. However, these tools are often designed by tech communities that like to add their own spin on the process, while making sure they can scale their products.

While this is all based on good intentions, it results in two fundamental problems. One is that realtors are not the most tech savvy of users (let’s be honest), and are often very comfortable with the way they do paper transactions. Once you introduce new processes and concepts, you will most likely lose them and thus their willingness to participate. The second problem is software that is designed for scale from day one; meaning it is designed to service every realtor in every board and country. This results in a one size fits all approach that leaves much of the customization and troubleshooting to the user. digital sales tools

This is an unrealistic expectation of the realtor. The software was supposed to make their lives easier, not more challenging.

What realtors really need is a transaction tool that can carry them, (and all involved parties) from start to finish, in a guided experience. This is exactly why we built DealTap – we wanted to keep the transaction digital from start to finish. Because it is written in HTML5, it allows easy cloud based collaboration with devices people already have with them – smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.

To make sure realtors in Ontario would adopt DealTap, we based the workflow on how realtors currently work. No new paradigms or gimmicky concepts – just scrollable pages and documents. This is very familiar to realtors and therefore reduces the initial learning curve. To further simplify the adoption process, we made it very difficult (if not impossible) for any user in the transaction to deviate from the workflow… almost as if the user is on a roller coaster on rails.

By reducing the number of options and possibilities, you streamline the process and make the job much less intimidating for the realtor. This is how we believe DealTap will change the game for Ontario realtors for good.

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