In Ontario digital signatures are already legally binding for most of the forms brokerages use today.

Electronic signatures for Ontario Real Estate listing agreements, lease/rental agreements, buyer representation agreements, working with realtor agreements and standard conditions and clauses are legally enforceable in Ontario.

So with DealTap‘s public launch being just around the corner, your brokerage can soon demonstrate leadership in the real estate industry by adopting the latest in cutting edge technology.

digital signaturesWith DealTap agents can influence and establish more trust with clients by keeping one another in the loop digitally at all times during the transaction and negotiation process.

Brokerages can train their agents for the inevitable paperless future of real estate with little to no risk by getting ahead of the curve with DealTap.With no service charges until electronic signatures are legally enforceable for purchase and sale agreements, brokerages can reduce significant adoption costs as agents get familiar with DealTap. More importantly, they can be ready the day the law passes.

DealTap is also available as a private label solution and brokerages are able to brand their own digital transaction experiences to their receiving clients and cooperating agents.

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