Electronic document management is something to think about when buying and selling real estate. Real estate means working with heaps of paperwork. The current paper based real estate transaction process can often be difficult, costly, and messy in a realtor’s day to day business. There are many obstacles to face and many agents think there is no solution.

The current transaction process can often be demanding on agents. Realtors regularly drive across the city numerous times, day or night, to amend documents, review or amend counter offers in preset timelines and on personal time only to find that their client has missed a signature input. By the time they’re aware of the missed signature, the deal has expired and the agent has to generate a new offer again. In many instances the paperwork is lost in in-boxes, or the client has limited-to-non-existent access to a printer, scanner or computer. This sends the client off to kinko’s where they spend $5 to $10 faxing paperwork each time a new version of the agreement is issued. Even setting up meeting arrangements with clients to go over agreements can be a burden, as agents and buyers live busy lifestyles and can find it difficult to agree on a hard meeting time without someone having to sacrifice their own business or personal time. With an electronic document management app and sales tool like DealTap, they won’t have to do this anymore. electronic document management

DealTap is a web application written in HTML5 that stores all data involving a potential purchase or sale of property securely on the cloud from initial creation to final offer signing. DealTap already has your provincial or board-assigned forms generated. It gives each member of the home buying/selling transaction process specific permissions and access to the real-time offer document. They can sign, edit and notify all involved parties from devices they have readily available in their pockets or handbags. Additionally, they can send themselves a finalized copy to their personal email address or have a hard copy printed.

Overall, this transaction process is seamless, transparent, economical, agile and fits within the lifestyle of the agent and buyer.

Realtors and homebuyers won’t have to worry about another ink cartridge, signature, or timeline again without receiving an email notification first. With this kind of functionality, realtors can focus more on actual business and personal relationships and less on paperwork and mileage.

To find out how to save your brokerage time, visit DealTap.ca

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