DealTap is a web-based application written in HTML5 and allows for a users cursive electronic signature to be inputted instead of the standard ink to paper routine. DealTap operates in real-time, on the cloud.

DealTap is based on the common functions of a realtors purchase and sale transaction agreement that they have been using for decades. DealTap is also created with the consumer in mind because it is accessible on any mobile device. Both realtor and consumer are virtually joined together, at all times.

To achieve this, we solely began working with local real estate associations and their respective boards to accomplish the same goal. The goal is to keep the workflow the same as it has been in the past and provide minimal room for error while also being able to use an electronic cursive signature in prompted signature fields.

To create this type of platform, the best option was to use the current board-approved forms that realtors already use in real estate transactions. “And that’s what Cordon focuses on; maximum support for the end-user by allowing this type of capability” says President of Toronto’s Cordon Media, Milan Baic.

To elaborate more, DealTap initiates the offer process the same way as easyoffer or webforms does, and is transmitted via email to all parties by a direct link that is supplied from the agent or buyers original offer submission. However, If you’ve used easyoffer or webforms, and consider yourself a beginner or intermediate user, then you will love DealTap and consider yourself an expert after the first go at it!

Agents will notice the difference between DealTap and other applications immediately.

Primarily, DealTap generates a pre-loaded agreement form (with electronic signature fields) corresponding to your local associations. Agents don’t fill in all the blanks or customize the form like most of the other applications are designed.

Additionally, all areas of a real estate deal are pre-populated in the offer and move you along from point A to Z more efficiently. It makes it quite difficult (if not impossible) to bypass a section without receiving a warning and/or confirmation of changes as well.

A major aspect of this product is having the pre-loaded forms agents are already used to, more so, all parties would be signing using their cursive signature in all the same spots they’re used to signing them.

No faxing, scanning or trying to locate your clients signatures.

As with any digital platform, the realtors duties remain unchanged in regards to the review process of going over the agreement with the buyer.

In the case of counter-offers, revisions, conditions and such, DealTap includes a Versioning process where agents and buyers can make their respective amendments, submit, and the offer is updated with a new version in real-time which is then forwarded to participating parties.

Agents will love DealTap because they won’t require any prior training or tutorials! If Agents have filled out a standard board form before, then they’ve basically used DealTap.

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