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Create an electronic signature from anywhere, on any device

The days of driving around town chasing signatures are now over. You can easily share your real estate deals to your client and have them sign electronically from any web-based device. Electronic signatures can be executed using touch, mouse or keyboard – offering the greatest convenience and flexibility to your clients.


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Have piece-of-mind when you sign documents electronically

With DealTap’s electronic signature audit feature you can be sure that each electronic signature is verified to ensure its authenticity and uniqueness. Our extensive tracking and verification system creates a detailed audit trail which ensures each signature can be linked to a specific individual.

The signature audit reviews 3 random electronic signatures from each participant throughout the agreement lifecycle and compares them side by side both for visual comparison and variable comparison like IP address, device, browser and geo-location.

To learn more about DealTap’s digital signature security, click here.



Intelligent digital signature technology

Unlike other digital signature solutions, DealTap already knows where each party needs to initial and sign. With our SmartForms(TM) we’ve made it easier for Ontario REALTORS to create electronic signature ready OREA forms by placing every initial/signature field where it needs to go, so you don’t have to.


Electronic Signature FAQ

Are DealTaps’s electronic signatures legally binding in Ontario?

As of July 1st 2015, all real estate forms in Ontario allow the use of electronic signatures. After years of discussion, the Ontario government passed an amendment to the Electronic Commerce Act that allows electronic signatures on all real estate forms, including the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Read more.

Can I use DealTap electronic signatures on my smartphone or tablet?

DealTap works on any web-enabled device all you need is an internet browser such as Safari, FireFox, or our favourite, Google Chrome. You do not need to download any special apps to to create or sign your digital offers.

Can I electronically sign a document not created in DealTap?

Yes. DealTap users can upload any file type (PDF, .doc, .jpeg, .png, .xls) and attach electronic signature and/or initial tags. This gives DealTap users the ultimate flexibility in moments when they receive offers or counter offers in real estate transactions.

How do I electronically sign a document in DealTap?

Completing a signature electronically is easy in DealTap. For a step-by-step explaination, click here.

Do my recipients need a DealTap account to electronically sign?

No. All recipients simply need a web-based device (ie. have internet connection) and an email address in order to recieve and electronically sign your document or deal.

What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?

Electronic signatures, also known as e-signatures, are a wide category of methods for signing a document electronically. A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses a specific technical implementation to ensure the authenticity of the signature.

First 30 days are on us