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As part of OREA’s Emerge Technology conference, former REALTOR, training specialist and founder of Andrew Fogliato has been speaking about The Digital Marketing Funnel: Managing the Consumer Journey Online. Here’s a bit about that – but to hear the rest, see Andrew speak at Emerge!

Andrew broke it down into a series of steps to better target consumers online and generate better content:

  1. Research – Learn the demographics of your target market. What do they like? What are their hobbies?
  2. Buyer Persona – Create a fake person who you would be selling to. This will humanize your marketing strategy and tailor your content and strategy for those specific people rather than just the general public. Take a look here on how to create a buyer persona.
  3. Google vs Facebook – Based on who your target client is, decide where your ads will get the most impact (Andrew recommends Facebook).
  4. Ad Targeting – When designing an ad you can target people based on age, interests, region, etc. It is recommended to target an audience of under 40,000 people that way the viewers are more qualified and more likely to be a potential client.
  5. Attention Grabbing Headline – There is tons of content online so you need to reel people in quickly with one sentence. Use topics and headlines that affect them personally. Think “what’s in it for me?” or “why should I click?”
  6. Make it Local – Avoid stock images. Show pictures of places of interest in your neighbourhood. This will keep your marketing content interesting and locals will recognize you as a local REALTOR.
  7. Get their information – Create a call to action to get their contact info right away. Avoid sending them to a websites main page where there are too many options – they could get distracted and you may lose the lead. Having an obvious and easy way to get this info is important but also keep with the same design and text from your ad so they know they’ve come to the right place.
  8. First Contact – Reach out to new leads ASAP. Be brief, sincere and personalize the message with their name so they feel valued (not “just another client”). Also leaving them with a single question will encourage a reply but not overwhelm them.
  9. Get a CRM – Considering there are hundreds of REALTORS in the GTA alone, using a customer service management software can help you stay on your potential clients radar. Keeping in touch on a monthly basis is a great way to maintain this relationship.

Following these simple steps will maximize your digital marketing campaigns and help generate more leads! For more, see Andrew speak at Emerge Tuesday, December 8th in Mississauga.

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