Debra Trappen

As part of OREA’s Emerge Technology conference, educator, speaker and author Debra Trappen discusses how to Fire Up Your Brand! Here’s a quick look at some of the main points from her chat. To hear the rest, see Debra speak at Emerge!

Since her main focus is developing a brand, she discusses what to think about when establishing your presence to your consumers. With modern REALTORS focusing their marketing energies towards digital marketing Debra poses the question – what kind of content is good content on social media?

What is personal brand?

  • Attract people & opportunities.
  • What do people say about you when you’re not in the room?
  • Make yourself unforgettable.
  • Identify values, purpose and niche.
  • Show your passions – make yourself relatable (top 5 things you like to do). Debra refers to it as “filling your soul tank”

How to define your niche?

  • Who you do want to work with?
  • Write down your 5 favourite clients and 5 clients that “sucked the life out of you”
  • What market can you provide the most value to?

Core Four Guide

  • Who influences you? – Who do you follow on social media and where you get your ideas/inspiration from?
  • What are you reading? – Reading what interests you and targeting people of interest only better helps you understand your clients.
  • Where do you post? – Considering who your client is, what is the best way to reach them? (ie. Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, etc)
  • What words do you use? – Using #hashtags can help you generate more interest from new audiences.

Establish goals

  • What are your brand goals? How would this affect your business?
  • Track your success with services like Google Alerts or

For more see Debra Trappen speak at Emerge Technology Conference in Mississauga or check out her book Fire Up!

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