Jeff O'LearyAs part of OREA’s Emerge Technology conference, award winning REALTOR and blogger Jeff O’Leary spoke about Lead Generation: Leverage your Neighbourhood. Here’s a brief summary on his chat – but to hear the rest, see Jeff speak at Emerge!

Stand out
Everyone has the same website, branding, brokerage, etc. Be unique and have an opinion so you can attract like-minded clients. Also it’s important to know how websites, social media and advertising work: it’s your business to understand this!

Track Success in Neighbourhoods
Focus on a neighbourhood. As proven by Jeff’s success with his popular blog The Village Guru, getting involved in a neighbourhood of your choice and knowing the local issues can get interest in the community.

Types of Leads
Jeff discusses the techniques for addressing different types of clients:
1. Low hanging fruit (ready now)
2. High hanging fruit (don’t bug me…yet)

Lead Capturing Systems
1. Website & Blog (general engagement content, no marketing)
2. Lead capturing website
– Know your target audience: find out how to better target clients here.
– Plan & execute: schedule your content, make sure you’re posting regularly so you are a constant resource for the public.
– Avoid canned content: have an opinion and a unique voice, don’t just say the same thing all the other agents and publication are saying.
– Make connections with video: seeing and hearing you through video lets your viewers create a more personal connection with you and your content.

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