To be successful as a real estate agent it is important to be up to date on all technology so you can maintain optimal productivity on your deals and communication with your clients. Through OREA’s latest REALTOR survey 91% of Ontario agents use smartphones and 53% own tablets. To compliment the everyday usage of these mobile devices, we have put together a list of additional tools essential for the modern REALTOR:



Having a website highlighting your services, experience and contact information is by default a necessity. It should contain additional components as wells such as:

  • Mobile Optimization: Having a mobile site will give you a upper hand to the prospects searching for agents on their smartphones. It should be optimized with mobile-relevant information (top listings, contact information, etc) in a manner that is easily accessible by fingertips on smaller screens.
  • Lead capturing form: Integrating a lead capture form on your homepage will give your visitors an opportunity to show their interest and allow you to capture leads to follow up on.
  • Blogs: Blogs are a great way to educate your prospects about the real estate industry. Blogs should be less focused on you and more on your clients. Useful blog topics on common real estate questions will confirm yourself as a thoughtful leader and establish trust with your prospects.
  • Basic Analytics: Setting up basic analytics on your website such as page views, # of unique visitors, clicks, time spent on pages among others, is a great way to see how your visitors are interacting with your site. These insights can highlight which content or pages are doing better than others and what needs to be optimized.

Social Media

Having social media accounts, particularly Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are low cost channels to spread useful content such as articles, blog posts, opinions, videos and pictures to your prospects. Social Media accounts are not to be simply opened – it takes time to build content and see its value come to fruition. With that in mind, it might be useful to start with one, commit to it and expand accordingly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

CRMs are extremely useful tools to help agents manage customer relationships and the information associated with them. Instead of sifting through emails, previous interactions and notes organize all client information in one central place. We recommend using Highrise or Pipedrive as an easy-to-use starter.

Document Management

Dropbox and Google drive are great platforms to store your documents online. Having your most accessed documents stored in the “cloud” allows you to access them anywhere and from any device.

Transaction Tools

Transaction tools allow you to digitally create, negotiate and sign all real estate agreements in your deal pipeline. It is a great way to migrate away from paper and into the digital space so you are no longer reliant on printers, scanners, creating amendments, and chasing signatures with your pen. If you are considering learning more about the benefits of going paperless check out our other blog post here.

Without essential digital tools such as the few mentioned above, it would be difficult for agents to maintain expectations of all stakeholders in such a technology-dependent industry.

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