schoolFinding a home for your client’s isn’t easy and homebuyers with children demand that extra special attention. Parents not only want to find a great home with investment upside but they also they want their children surrounded with good schools that offer great opportunities. Depending on its importance, some homebuyers may choose the school first followed by the property or the other way around. Regardless, here are some things to consider when helping homebuyers find great schools:

  • Discover the education needs: Make sure to ask the right questions on what type of education programs are really needed – French immersion, private, religious, gifted or assisted learning, sports facilities etc.
  • Filter the selection: Scout and scope the school boundaries in the neighbourhood. There’s a online resource that can help. You can search by a variety of filters to see which schools are best suited.
  • Be in the know: Understand the schools you recommend and explore every resource to build this knowledge. Consider these 3 options: A) Consult the parent’s of enrolled students on their thoughts of the school B) Take a school tour and ask questions – how many students per class, facilities, extra curricular, etc. C) Do online research

By being able to go above and beyond your call of duty you can quickly position yourself as a trust worthy expert. This goes a long way in not only helping you to close a deal with your current client but also provide satisfaction and incentive for future referral.

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