Did you know that DealTap is equipped with Geographical Location Tracking? DealTap captures and verifies every electronic signature or initial to ensure its authenticity and uniqueness to a certain individual. Each signature is executed independently either via cursive touch or keyboard input and is recorded with the precise Geolocation of the device used to execute the Agreement or document. By doing so, users will have complete transparency as to where each and every signature and initial took place. The following details and variables are captured for each and every signature and initial: Encrypted Digital Signature Image Signature Type Cursive / Keyboard Device Type Desktop / Laptop / Android Phone / Android / Tablet / iPhone / iPad etc Browser Safari 536.26.16 Platform PC / Mac IP Address User Role Agent / Buyer / Seller / Spouse etc User Dmail Address Date & Time 2014-01-28 at 09:48:34 Security Token Verified / Unverified PIN Verified / Unverified Geolocation This extensive tracking and verification system creates a detailed audit trail of all signatory actions throughout the document process and ensures each signature can be linked to a specific individual. For example, an Agent logs in from a desktop at a home office and creates an Agreement and then shares it with a client for review and signing. The client logs in to view the Agreement from a smart phone and proceeds to enter his or her signature and send back to the Agent. The Agent then views the Agreement again, this time from his tablet while on the road conducting business. The Agent enters his or her signatures where required and shares it with the cooperating Agent for review and signatures. The cooperating Agent views the Agreement in the presence of his or her client and both parties enter their signatures where required and send back to the original Agent. In addition to geolocation capturing on electronic signatures and initials, this entire process of creating, editing and sharing is also being closely monitored and recorded by capturing an IP address of each party’s point of entry within the transaction. Not only does DealTap capture the IP address, but it also captures the browser and operating system used, the date and time as well as the device being used at the time. In the above scenario, each action by Agent and cooperating party was recorded individually and is stored within DealTap’s signature audit of every Agreement. With geographical location tracking within DealTap, Agents and clients can ensure that all information captured within an Agreement is easily recorded and displayed for all parties to view at any time. Take a look and Sign up by visiting dealtap.ca/signup

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