Green Roof - Toronto StarProtecting and developing green space in cities like Toronto has huge environmental, social and ecological benefits. Green space warms the area in the winter and cools in the summer, absorbs rain water and reduces water waste. It also offers recreational and educational activities for communities, and just looks beautiful.

Huge attention has gone towards the use of urban rooftops on the many new builds in the city over the past decade. The desire is to harvest the potential of unused real estate and go green. This initiative is a great solution to having more green spaces in Toronto’s limited and expensive real estate. As paperless advocates, we strongly support!

In 2009, Toronto adopted a bylaw requiring green space on new developments over 6 stories and over 2000 square metres of space to have at least 20% green roof, then 80% after 3 years of planting. To date, there are a total of 444 green roofs in the City of Toronto with over 196,000 square metres of space. A few green spaces to note are Ryerson University green roof (8,000 sq ft), Sears Merchandise Lofts green roof (10,000 sq ft), and the Mountain Equipment Co-op green roof (6,500 sq ft).

A Smart Cities Research report shows that green roofs “positively affect the property value of nearby real estate.” In this over saturated Toronto condo market, buildings with green rooftops will have a huge advantage.

What do you think about having green rooftops?

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