home-sharingHome-lodging sites like Airbnb are all the rage these days. Homeowners have the ability to list and rent out their homes or rooms to active lodgers. REALTORS might be thinking – could this be harmful to me? At first glance, perhaps. However the ever expanding use of technology and innovation has to proven to welcome opportunities for REALTORS who are willing to adapt. So at second glance, probably not.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can leverage Airbnb when buying/selling with your clients:

1. Increase Property Revenue
Savvy property owners can use Airbnb to source tenants or generate gap income when in between tenants.

2. Subsidize Housing Costs
Helps homeowners earn extra cash when their home is not in use. Income can go towards paying off mortgages, future vacations, etc.

3. Increase Traffic to Listing
With more than 26 million visits to Airbnb.com per month, it is a highly effective and free outlet to display your client’s property for short to long term rental.

Naturally there are risks to home-sharing that need to be mentioned to your clients. Lodgers or tenants coming in without the proper due diligence can cause headaches with property damage, noise complaints etc. Read this family’s cautionary tale with using experience Airbnb.

If your clients are wary to these drawbacks, it is a perfect opportunity to reinforce the benefit of using a REALTOR over an online listing site. In either case, you have the opportunity to provide open and transparent value to your clients.

What are your thoughts on home-sharing?

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