realtors use facebook

Social media is an amazing resource that every business should take advantage of – especially REALTORS. The relationships REALTORS make are vital for ongoing business. Marketing can raise awareness about your business, generate leads and build trust in the community. Millennials are very active on social media, and as they take over the homebuyers market it makes it all more important to familiarize yourself with this resource.

Neglecting your social media presence while other REALTORS develop it further, could be the difference between clients approaching you or your competition.

As shown on the graph to the right, Facebook is by far the most popular option for Business to Consumer social media marketing. The reason is, Facebook specifically allows you to connect with individuals in a personal environment. This, contrasting towards companies and publications reaching out in a more impersonal, professional capacity on Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Also instead of “connections”, people you associate with on Facebook are “friends”.

Managing your reputation on Facebook can be very simple. Here are a few ideas and best practises to get you started:

Unique & Local Posts Will Generate More Clicks
Take a walk around your community and snap some photos of local homes, businesses and parks. Share your hobbies and passions – this will make you “real” and approachable. Don’t create generic content that can be found everywhere online and avoid only posting promotional content. Check out “Working Your Farm Area” for more details about how to get involved in your community.
realtors use facebook

Educate and Inform
Have an opinion on local issues! By commenting on local trends, potential homebuyers and sellers will think of you as a trustworthy and knowledgable REALTOR who’s on top of what is happening in their local area.
realtors use facebook

Measure Success
If you have your Facebook page setup as a business you can find your analytics under “Insights” at the top of your page. There you can see the success of your posts in the “Reach” column (see image below). This will tell you how many people have seen your post and what content has the most engagement, so you can find patterns and continue to post successful content.
realtors use facebook - insights

Interact With The Social Community
Social media is meant to be fun! Don’t forget to get involved. Like and comment on other peoples posts and follow pages that interest you. Keeping active on social media channels will help you stay relevant and will keep your name popping up in potential client news-feeds. You can start by liking DealTap on Facebook!
realtors use facebook

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