perception of realtors With all these compliance standards being implemented this month, it makes you think – these laws are in place because someone is breaking them. Here are some helpful tips from an Inman article to prevent one bad apple from ruining the whole bushel, and improve the perception of REALTORS.

1. Don’t tolerate average
In the GTA there is 1 REALTOR for every 140 people. Being an average salesperson in a competitive market like real estate will get you nowhere. Strength is found in recognizing areas where you need improvement and give yourself realistic goals to achieve. Constantly accepting challenges and growing will help you become a killer salesperson.

2. Be a true professional
A recent poll states that people have a 17% trust level in real estate agents. That’s 1% lower than lawyers and 10% higher than a car salesperson. People want a REALTOR representing them in their real estate ventures to have an expert on their team. They want someone they can trust, and not someone just trying to get their commission cheque. Knowing the industry and neighbourhood will help you provide the most value for your client and let them know it is money well spent.

3. Go above and beyond
Don’t be a cheesy salesperson. Avoid doing the bare minimum and instead understanding your clients and showing genuine interest. Ask yourself “How can I create the most value for my clients?” or “Am I helping my clients the best I can?” Asking these questions will help you get them what they want and need.

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