Below is a list of key fixes we have implemented for the month of July.

Sanja Menicanin
Head of Product


  1. Ability to see newly added Initial tags/text boxes/signature tags appear in your immediate view
  2. Ability to see newly added Initial tags/text boxes/signature tags appear on desired page
  3. Ability for View-Only parties to open shared deals
  4. Ability for recieving agent to open shared deals created from PDF
  5. Upload and save image (.png, .jpeg, .gif) in schedule from iPad
  6. End billing cycle after account cancellation
  7. View signature detail and its information for initials and signatures
  8. Re-sign logic when adding view-only parties
  9. Accurately capture information within audit log and advanced version: user roles, timestamp on various actions, sharing actions
  10. Flattening signatures and initials after all parties have signed within single session
  11. Ability to filter folders when in documents
  12. Lease unit number populated when adding TREB MLS #
  13. Correct display of client contact information in deal share emails
  14. Audit report information captures for deals with uploaded PDFs
  15. Deal export to PDF in DealTap version 1.0
  16.  30 day trial counter for new user registration
  17. Inability to see or edit deleted clauses
  18. Clauses search function
  19. Ability to delete profile picture
  20. Field values $0.00 properly being shown in PDF export
  21. Ability to delete clause groups from account
  22. “Receipt Acknowledged By Date” properly added and saved to OREA forms 123,124 and 640
  23. Populate “Deposit Payable To” on form 122 when having form 400 within same deal
  24. Remove expired or cancelled agents from DealTap agent directory
  25. Inability to invite existing DealTap user to join same brokerage or office twice
  26. Change detection on repeating schedule A pages
  27. Ability to choose between clause text or mages to appear in schedules
  28. Ability for newly invited admins to see both buttons “Create New Deal” and “Upload”
  29. Initial placement on BRA whose term is more than 6 months
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