As June represents the first month since our 2.0 BETA launch in May, majority of the updates you will notice below are more focused on stabilizing the platform (bug fixes) and less on improvements and new feature implementation. As we stabilize the platform over next few months, you will notice greater inclusion of improvements/new features in each monthly update. Thank you for all your feedback as we continue to deliver the best transaction platform the real estate community has ever seen!

Sanja Menicanin
Head of Product


  1. Updating naming for People “Roles” that is more recognizable
  2. Ability for new users to create offers directly from
  3. Ability to auto-populate co-operating agents into forms


  1. Field not appearing as typed in preview mode across many forms
  2. Address fields are now properly being carried from Listing Agreements to MLS Data Sheets
  3. Ability to switch brokerages using group code
  4. User can successfully add plan & credit card number after account trial has expired
  5. Upload .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx file types to any deal
  6. Form field fixes when combining multiple forms together
  7. Ability to carry over brokerage name from My Profile across multiple forms
  8. PDF Export font improved look & feel
  9. Buyer’s name appearing properly across multiple forms
  10. Seller’s name appearing properly across multiple forms
  11. Brokerage name appearing properly across multiple forms
  12. Ability to sign and edit relevant fields for second tenant in Lease agreement
  13. Reduce sensitivity of field validator
  14. Missing buyer’s initial in Amendment to BRA
  15. Ability to export PDF as non-DealTap user
  16. Invite admin user to DealTap
  17. Admin has ability to edit deal even after shared to receiving agent
  18. Sharing multiple page deals to loadingDOCs
  19. Ability to share JPG/PNG to loadingDOCs
  20. Re-sign logic when changes made to Amendment to Listing Agreement, Listing Agreement
  21. Audit report tracking full activity in multiple version deals
  22. Change detection within clauses and new forms added
  23. MLS Auto-population in Lease Agreements
  24. Source contacts that don’t belong in your account when adding people to deals
  25. Should not wipe signatures or prompt for re-signing when adding/editing Lawyers
  26. Ability to delete clause groups
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