The above picture represents the current options in the marketplace for real estate agents, from start to finish. A single platform or a patchwork of platforms and downloadable vendor apps. Which would you prefer to be a part of?
Using the standard tools currently provided in the industry, is like running your business from only a land-line and a single office location vs a mobile phone & doing business on the go.

With DealTap, you can create offers from desktop, tablet or smartphone digitally, share with all parties seamlessly or choose to print out the agreements. You can complete entire transactions online or via print out, based on your level of comfort. It is a platform that enables your business to grow seamlessly, and effectively right through to close, whether it is a Representation Agreement, Lease, or Purchase & Sale agreement. See full features here

All other variations are based on old scan technology platforms, or originate from desktop only services. The result is a gap-ridden patchwork process that leaves a very cumbersome experience for all parties involved. It has many breaks and different vendors & platforms throughout. This is not a solid foundation upon which to grow your business, or an experience that you want to share with your customers.

The transaction process is a fundamental touch-point for you and your clients. DealTap provides you with the tools that will surpass client expectations, and end archaic processes, that the industry has grown to be known for.
You can start your account for free trials at

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