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With Spring cleaning season (and hopefully Spring weather on the way), it’s always a great time to organize, clean and throw away anything that is cluttering up your personal space. Simplicity is something we all desire and as the expression goes: Clean house, clear mind.

Eliminating stress and clutter in the workplace definitely goes hand-in-hand. Agents and brokerages accumulate so much paper that finding information and dealing with storage can be a big issue. Imagine having to sort through the big file unit in your office, or having to quickly find a document in the sea of papers on your desk? Setting goals to de-clutter and go paperless will help time management and raise productivity. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Make Digital Copies: Get a handy scanner or an app like Scanbot for your computer or smartphone. Scan everything right away before it starts to pile up. Making digital copies of important documents and backing them up to the cloud or hard drive is a great way to save space. This will come in handy when it’s time to file taxes, respond to a RECO audit or managing offers in accordance to the new Bill 55 requirements.
  2. Digital Storage: With digital copies of your documents, you now need a good place to store them. Apps like Google Docs or Dropbox offer a place to store all your digital files, whether it’s bills, insurance documents, taxes, etc. DealTap Inbox, available this July 2015, is an offer and management tool designed specifically for real estate agents. It gives the agents a safe place to set up offers, upload & organize any past or present documents. Thanks to cloud computing, all your files in the above apps can be accessed from anywhere and any device.
  3. Smart Labeling: Including proper information in your file names, such as date, file name, version, etc. will allow for quick retrieval when searching your documents.

By following these 3 simple steps, you can make a very powerful impact on your business productivity and devote more time to meeting your real estate goals!

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