cottage - canadian dollarA recent report from RE/MAX shows that 68% of Canadians would rather spend time at a cottage in Canada instead of going to a destination vacation. 21% say they would consider downsizing their home for a recreational property and 40.5% say they would purchase one with family.

“Cottage country is part of the Canadian identity” says Gurinder Sandu, vice-president of RE/MAX Intergra. Canadian’s want to spend time outdoors and enjoy what the country has to offer. Because of this interest, there is a high demand for recreational properties in Canada and therefore increasing property values. Some areas of interest include Whistler, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Huron, Muskoka and the East Coast.

The low Canadian dollar has also had an affect of these recreation properties for two reasons: Canadians wanting to stay local to make their money go further and increasing interest from international buyers.

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