Dear DealTap customers,

Great news! We’ve added revised versions of existing OREA forms in DealTap, in addition to incorporating newly published forms by the Ontario Real Estate Association. This facilitates the process for our users to create deals more conveniently.

“It’s crucial for REALTORS® to understand the complexities of forms and to correctly use the right forms in the right situations in order to provide excellent service to buyers and sellers,” says Cassandra Agnew Walker, OREA senior manager, standard forms.

Each year, revisions are made to standard forms at OREA. That sometimes includes revisions of new, pre-set clauses within various forms. We want you to stay abreast of changes to forms and clauses hence we revised our existing forms to comply with OREA’s revisions.

New forms added:

  1. 128 Condition(s) In Offer – Seller Acknowledgement
  2. 204 Schedule – Seller Customer Service Agreement
  3. 205 Amendment to Seller Customer Service Agreement
  4. 206 Schedule – Seller Commission Agreement with Co-operating Brokerage
  5. 207 Amendment to Seller Commission Agreement – with Co-operating Brokerage
  6. 211 Schedule – Listing Agreement – Authority to Offer for Lease
  7. 212 Amendment to Listing Agreement – Authority to Offer for Lease
  8. 213 Suspension of Listing Agreement – Authority to Offer for Lease
  9. 214 Cancellation of Listing Agreement – Authority to Offer for Lease
  10. 215 Assignment of Listing Agreement – Authority to Offer for Lease
  11. 314 Schedule – Buyer Customer Service Agreement Schedule
  12. 315 Amendment to Buyer Customer Service Agreement
  13. 408 Entry/Access to Property – Tenant Acknowledgement
  14. 826 Residential Information Checklist – Rental/Tenancy on Property

Existing forms revised:

  1. OREA FORM #107 – alignment issue had correction, near the signature seal
  2. OREA FORM #109 – revised am and pm to read, a.m. and p.m.
  3. OREA FORM #240 – a space was added between words “Brokerageloaded” under the 3rd box
  4. OREA FORM #244 – removed “the” in sentence below 3rd oval, before the word conveyance
  5. OREA FORM #652 – revised third and fourth line in second notification box
  6. OREA FORM #820 – capitalization correction in “the Province” (at top)
  7. OREA FORM #826 – inserted a “/” between “and or” in last sentence in bold

Our support team is standing by to answer questions and offer necessary assistance. Our goal is to make your DealTap experience as smooth and effortless as possible. Please feel free to contact our support staff at [email protected] or toll free 1-855-222 5009 – we are open 7 days a week, 6am-midnight EST.

Yours truly,


Dusan Baic
VP of Customer Success

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