Below is a list of key fixes and improvements we have implemented for the month of November.

Sanja Menicanin
Head of Product


  1. Ability to share “selected” files from a deal in Dealtap to loadingDOCS


  1. Ability to share deals with the similar names to loadingDOCS
  2. Renaming forms now captured in “advanced version” in history
  3. Share and export icons visually more defined throughout form
  4. All agents (even those not registered in the system) can add an MLS Number to the Deal


  1. Removing the MLS number will result in all other related fields being wiped out
  2. “Incomplete workflow” prompt no longer appears when hidden fields are incomplete
  3. Empty folders will display correct status (Empty)
  4. History logs and Audit logs now correspond with each other
  5. Login issue on a Samsung Galaxy S6 has been resolved
  6. Exporting the Buyers Representation Agreement as a PDF will no longer cause clauses to overlap
  7. Guide window now positioning correctly throughout the deal-making process
  8. Schedule A no longer overlapping when exported to PDF
  9. More intuitive email notifications when receiving deals
  10. Deals are no longer displaying differently across different browsers
  11. User no longer receiving multiple “trial expiry” notifications
  12. (Windows 10) the word “null” no longer appears when adding clauses to deal
  13. Titles and terms in emails have been enhanced by adding underlines and bold colours to the text
  14. Parties can no longer view each other’s contact information when examining history
  15. (iPhone 6 Plus) Clauses no longer overlapping when added to schedule
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