Below is a list of key fixes and improvements we have implemented for the month of October.


Sanja Menicanin

Head of Product


  1. Both parties are required to sign the Confirmation of Acceptance before signing the agreement
    Signing the Confirmation of Acceptance
  2. Irrevocable time now more customizable in all forms that possess irrevocable date fields
    Adjusting the Irrevocable time
  3. Slideshow tutorial available for your clients and co-operating agents opening a shared deal
    SlideShow Tutorial for new users opening a shared deal
  4. User will be notified when sharing a deal with an expired date
    Alert when sharing a deal with an expired date
  5. (LSTAR) Form titles are given intuitive naming
  6. Brokerage Information updated when listing agent changed in a form
  7. “Try it now” site has been updated with more options for creating deals


  1. Ability to move clauses to grouped folders without having clauses duplicated
  2. Assignee’s lawyer name now appears in the Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale form
  3. Deposit amount and confirmation date populating accurately in the Option to Purchase form
  4. Registrant’s name populating accurately in the Acquisition of Property form
  5. Buyer’s address distributed amongst all pages when added to an agreement
  6. Changing date for “No presentation of offers” in the Sellers Direction form will not impact all initials
  7. Ability for Mortgagee to sign the Certificate of Power of Sale form more efficiently
  8. User able to assign contract to new listing brokerage in the Assignment of Listing Agreement form
  9. Country code now visible when adding phone number to deal
  10. Ability to upload new images where saved images are allocated
  11. Ability to successfully log out after editing clause group
  12. (PDF) Signature fields appear in correct location on iPad
  13. (Firefox) Dates are properly displayed when viewing history
  14. PIN notification removed for unregistered agents
  15. Ability to accurately insert date into MLS freeehold form
  16. (Email) Agents are notified when removed from brokerage
  17. (Mobile) Ability to conveniently exit unwanted page by clicking x
  18. Fields in the Corporation EIIR form are made user-friendly and convenient for inputting data in
  19. Double clicking will no longer add duplicate deals or folders
  20. Ability to rename deals more efficiently
  21. (Windows 7) Data fitted properly into fields
  22. Ability to delete uploaded image successfully
  23. Ability to edit contacts searched for in the search bar
  24. Clicking on “Name of person signing” field will re-direct user to “Peoples” section
  25. Front and back admins now able to create clause group
  26. More accurate records of document versions
  27. Ability to successfully cross out texts fields in dynamic docs
  28. Field population enhanced in the Seller Commission and Customer Service form
  29. Ability to select and search forms simultaneously while adding them to deal
  30. Brokerage information added will populate throughout the form
  31. Both Listing Agreement forms now provide a more intuitive editing approach
  32. Complications with signing the Schedule A form now resolved
  33. Ability to view previous clause versions in clause history
  34. Spouse name and signature tags now populating correctly
  35. Field names organized appropriately in “View/Edit” section
  36. Brokerage name is no longer duplicated when changing signee
  37. Files moved to a folder will no longer disappear
  38. Roles and permissions in the Assignment for BRA have been applied correctly
  39. Changing “View only” persons in the agreement will no longer affect signatures
  40. Ability to search then clone a deal already in a folder now possible
  41. More effective way of filtering roles from an Admin/Brokerage account
  42. Ability to rename files then share to LoadingDOCS successfully
  43. Font sizes adjusted properly for Listing/Co-op Brokerage in the Mutual Release form
  44. Date Fields in the Offer Summary Document have been re-sized to correspond with rest of the form
  45. Changes made to the Amendment of Purchase and Sale will be highlighted on all pages
  46. Dates positioned suitably in the fields throughout the MLS Data Information form
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