One question REALTORS continue to ask is how can I cut my day-to-day costs? Our simple answer, go paperless. Going paperless does more than provide efficiency and time – it saves you money!

As a REALTOR there’s an overwhelming number of expenses incurred to keep things moving. Between broker & board fees to home staging, travelling from meeting to meeting, or just looking the part – there are multiple costs built up over time.

DealTap can help cut your time & materials expenses without encroaching on the value you’re providing to your clients.

As a start, let’s take a look at the time efficiencies you can reap by using DealTap:



When converting these time efficiencies into material expenses, we begin to see real impact:

Travel or Commute – $100/month
Paper & related $50/month on supplies & 1000+ sheets of paper

Total$1,800 per year in paper related expenses.

DealTap’s ability to create, amend and e-sign offers digitally removes the time & money spent on printing, scanning and faxing every offer. The convenience of DealTap’s e-signing feature ends the client chase for missing signatures. The one-click share to Lone Wolf’s loadingDocs cuts the time and stress spent on submitting completed paperwork directly to your brokerage.

Ready to save by going paperless?

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