In an age when more and more trust is bestowed on our mobile devices, a lot of our day-to-day tasks are quickly migrating to the digital world. As reading news, banking and shopping have gone digital, it is not surprising that many REALTORS and brokerages are realizing the benefits of going in the same direction. Here’s a quick summary of some of the benefits paperless agents are experiencing:

  1. Efficiency – By migrating all files, communications and agreements to digital format, agents are now benefiting from the ability to take their office on the road. Creating digital agreements, e-signing and storing them in the cloud saves agents unnecessary trips to the client/office and reliance on slow scanners and printers. Paperless agents can now close deals much faster than their traditional counterparts.
  2. Organization – Paperless agents are replacing vintage filing cabinets and vanilla-coloured folders with cloud-based storage systems such as DropBox or GoogleDrive. This allows easy file organization and access from anywhere and on any device. Say goodbye to stacked piles of paper and missing files.
  3. Customer Service – With over 60% of Canadians using smartphones and mobile-accessible services, customers expectations are now changing. Like with any changing customer preference, adaptation is key. Paperless agents can give the flexibility and convenience to their customers to do business at anytime from anywhere. Enhancing customer service builds your brand, repeat and referral business lines.
  4. Environment – Last, and certainly not the least, there are clear environmental benefits by migrating to paperless. This can be put in perspective when you tally up your annual consumption paper, ink, folders, office space and other accessories. Reducing your reliance on paper is great for the planet and your brand.

Bottom line, REALTORS fully transferring their day-to-day operations into paperless are reaping considerable benefits – being more efficient, closing deals faster, wowing their customers and reducing their impact on the planet. Check out our other post on what to look for when purchasing paperless transaction software.

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