Did you know that DealTap tracks and records each unique signature and initial submitted by Agents and clients throughout the lifecycle of each offer? Additionally, every time an edit or an amendment is made by any party, ‘re-sign’ signature indicators are triggered which prompt Agents and clients to initial and re-sign all amended sections within an offer.

Typically during the offer process, an offer is edited, amended, signed and/or initialed with a pen, then scanned, faxed or emailed multiple times by several parties. When a change is made, for instance the purchase price, the existing price is crossed out, the new price is written on top and all parties are to initial next to this change. This results in signatures and initials as well as the agreement as a whole often appearing illegible and unrecognizable.

With DealTap, signatures are captured digitally and each stored with their own unique signature audit log that are always clear and crisp since they are never needed to be faxed or scanned. Every time a change or amendment is made within an offer, all changes are recorded and a clean new version of the agreement is generated. Furthermore, initials and signatures on the page that has been edited or amended are removed and users are prompted to re-sign. The replacement signature indicators are easily identifiable by the yellow ‘re-sign’ icons visibly displayed throughout the digital Agreement where changes have been applied. Additionally, an Agent may view each signature credentials and its relevant information by clicking on the signature indicator or by viewing the exported Audit report.

The signature audit log displays important information such as:

  • Signature image capture
  • Signature type (cursive or typed)
  • Signature date stamp & page location
  • User type (Agent/Client/Witness)
  • User email
  • Agreement type (Lease, Freehold, BRA, etc)
  • Device type (tablet, mobile or desktop)
  • Browser type
  • IP address
  • Geographic location

With convenient signing notifications within DealTap, and not having to use a fax or scanner, Agents are able to complete transactions a whole lot faster and be free from messy crossed out text and overlapping initials. Additionally, by keeping the offer digital, we now give Agents the opportunity to capture a ton of useful information about the transaction process in our audit reports – something paper & pen simply cannot do.

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