Below is a list of key fixes and improvements we have implemented for the month of September

Sanja Menicanin
Head of Product


  1. Ability to toggle through fields by hitting “Save and Next”                                                                   
  2. Ability to create a new deal from an existing deal                                               
  3. Adding multiple clauses will no longer cause overlapping
  4. Signatures and initials will now disappear when hitting the “Clear” button
  5. Ability to now share selected files/pages to LoadingDocs
  6. Clients (receiving deal) hitting the “Back” button will be notified if signatures are missing
  7. Ability to re-size uploaded image more efficiently
  8. “View Only” persons will no longer be viewing the signature progress bar
  9. MLS field will now be completely cleared when hitting “Clear” button
  10. Ability to remove text fields and crossed out fields by hitting “Delete” button
  11. Ability to remove previously saved address when populating new MLS
  12. The icon update allows for more intuitive understanding of platform
  13. Notification to turn PIN on has been implemented providing user more security
  14. Confirmation message with name of signee now appears when signing
  15. Notification for receiver of deal to contact sender if PIN is forgotten
  16. “Warning of content removal” message now appears when deleting folders
  17. Ability to delete profile image after saving
  18. Seller spouse now able to sign successfully
  19. Ability to delete “tenant” along with all tenant info when removing them from deal
  20. Co-op agents able to delete “additional” persons from the deal
  21. Ability to view the client name and email when clicking “Share”
  22. Ability for “Buyer” to sign in appropriate area on form
  23. Adding person in Fintrac now more convenient
  24. Ability for Admins/Agents to search for forms and contacts more effectively
  25. Effortless process for agents to accept and join brokerage through invite link
  26. Deleted contacts will no longer be searchable
  27. Back office admins now have limited capabilities and privileges creating deals
  28. Improved navigation process when clicking “Back” button from history page
  29. Ability to view proper roles when exported in Audit Report
  30. User will now receive proper email when adding coupon codes to account
  31. Ability to “Move” files/deals to folders through mobile device
  32. Changes to address field will cause other fields to be highlighted
  33. Ability to accurately view property address through Trade Sheet
  34. Ability to view “Details” for signature now functioning properly
  35. Ability to populate listing brokerage name when adding LSTAR feed
  36. Clauses appear organized when exported to PDF
  37. Dates will intelligently be linked from one form to the next
  38. Ability to create and delete clause groups more efficiently
  39. “Populate Agreement” button working as expected when adding MLS feed
  40. Reminder message to add role of person to deal before adding name
  41. Changing representation status will clear the listing brokerage info
  42. Admins moving agents to other offices will be alerted
  43. Listing office name pre-populated in 748-LSTAR Multi Family form



  1. Duplicate button for text fields and signature fields
  2. Form naming convention changed from icon to name
  3. Schedule “A” has been included as the 6th page in form 100
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