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Business cards are the staple of REALTOR success. If created and used well, they can accelerate your networking and overall lead generation. Here are some simple tips from Trulia on proper business card etiquette:

  1. Be a card collector, not a card giver
    Don’t just rely on people to call you. Getting their contact information is important to follow up on leads so you don’t get lost in the mix.
  2. Brand yourself, not just your company
    Make yourself memorable. There are thousands of REALTORS in your brokerage as a whole. Set yourself apart with your own branding, after all you are in business for yourself not for your brokerage.
  3. It’s OK to use a photo
    Some people have mixed opinions about photos on business cards but if you want to get recognized in your farming area and host a lot of open houses it’s a great visual cue for prospective buyers and makes you memorable.
  4. Have your website on the card looks much better then Enough said?
  5. Include your real estate license number
    Why not show off your skills and achievements, also important to include this to avoid delays in payment!
  6. Remember the trademarking rules
    The National Association of REALTORS wants you to put “REALTOR” on your card.
  7. Pay attention to detail
    Popular movie scene from American Psycho hows coworkers admiring the beauty and perfection of each others business cards while one of them misspells acquisitions.

Follow these simple steps to set yourself apart from the competition with the most effective business cards! Find the full article here.

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