Did you know that DealTap tracks changes to clauses by striking through the clauses with an actual visible line that Agents can see?

DealTap also allows Agents to confidently submit unconditional offers with their client’s consent, allowing the transaction process to move more quickly!

For example, a buyer sees a home he or she is interested in and instructs his or her Agent to put in an offer without any clauses or conditions in hopes of winning the offer. To accomplish this in DealTap, the Agent simply selects all the clauses in question within the Schedule form, clicks on the delete icon, and chooses the “Strike Through” option. Once the Agent has done this, the clauses are visible on the Agreement and displayed as crossed off text so as to indicate to the cooperating party the buyer is aware he or she is forfeiting any conditions to be placed on the offer. This makes the cooperating side more inclined to accept the clean offer and finish the transaction more quickly.

Additionally, DealTap also tracks Agreement changes throughout the life cycle of a transaction. Therefore, if one of the parties makes a change to the initial offer by removing or adding a new clause, these changes are tracked and shown in the Agreement itself. For instance, if the client decided that the portable Shed in the backyard will no longer be part of the original cost listed within the Agreement, the Agent would choose to delete the condition pertaining to the removal of the Shed. Furthermore, the Agent can also add additional clauses to the Schedule at this time and then send the amended Agreement to the other party. Once the offer is shared with the cooperating party, the changes in the Agreement will be evidently shown by the visible lines being crossed through the original text of information involving the Shed, and the new text that was added will appear highlighted in yellow.

With convenient change notifications within DealTap such as those listed above, Agents and clients are able to keep track of every change, amendment and negotiation that has taken place during the entire transaction process.

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