What happens to my DealTap account when I leave my brokerage?

If you have a REALTOR+ account and get disconnected from their DealTap brokerage account, a few changes will occur:

  1. Your billing will no longer be handled by your brokerage
  2. Your brokerage information (including clauses) will be cleared
  3. Your account will automatically be set to TRIAL EXPIRED

All other data (such as deals, files, and contacts) will remain in your account. To continue using the platform you can reactivate your individual account by selecting your plan (monthly or annual) and adding your payment information. If your new brokerage is registered with DealTap, you can join their registered DealTap account instead. Click here to learn how.

If you have an existing REALTOR account and change brokerages you can go into My Profile > Brokerage to change your brokerage contact information.

If you encounter any issues, contact [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.