Navigating your DealTap Dashboard

A few instructions to help you get started with understanding basic functionality of your DealTap dashboard.

  1. New Deal: To create a new agreement or form click “New Deal”. Here you will find OREA forms or you can select the “Documents” tab to view any forms or files you have previously added to your account. These agreements and forms can be displayed in grid or list view. You can also filter and sort your files via the options in the menu bar
  2. New Deal From Existing: Clone or duplicate an existing deal
  3. New Deal For Agent: Initiate deals on behalf of agents in the brokerage
  4. My Documents: View all your files and folders
  5. Need Help?: Your quick link to support articles and resources. Also allows you to access or disable intelligent alerts and guidance pop-up windowsScreen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.31.42 AM