How to share documents to my loadingDOCS account?

In order to share documents and agreements to loadingDOCS, you are first required to integrate/sync your DealTap account with LoadingDOCS. To do this, follow steps below.

  1. From the left panel, Go to “My Profile”
  2. Under the tab “Integrations” agents can add their LoneWolf username which will sync loadingDocs with DealTap
  3. Click “Save” to confirm
    Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 3.35.24 PM
  4. Once successfully synced, the sharing agreements to LoadingDOCS option will be enabled
  5. To share only selected pages from the deal to loadingDOCS, simply choose the 3 stacked bars in the window and choose which pages to send
  6. Click “Share” when done

ok-xxl Deal Tip: Users have the ability to share deals with similar names to loadingDocs as well.