Understanding my account status

Your Account Status is displayed under your name in the top section of your “My Profile” page.where to find account status

Let’s take a look at 6 types of account statuses:

  1. TRIAL: You are currently within the 30 day trial period and have not yet upgraded to a paid account
  2. REALTOR: You have upgraded to a paid account and have full access to the REALTOR account. This is designated for agents
  3. REALTOR+: You have joined your brokerage in DealTap and are automatically upgraded to REALTOR + account. You have additional back-office functionality when compared to the standard REALTOR account
  4. INACTIVE: When you initially create your account, you are required to activate it by authenticating your email. If you have not yet activated your account and see the message below, click here
  5. TRIAL EXPIRED: When your 30 day free trial expires, you will be unable to access your account until you upgrade to REALTOR or REALTOR+. Click here to learn how to upgrade to a REALTOR account, or here for REALTOR+ accounts
  6. CANCELLED: If you cancel your REALTOR or REALTOR+ account, you will receive a confirmation email. The same applies if your brokerage cancels their account with DealTap. In either scenario, you will be required to enter your payment information to continue using DealTap