Understanding My Profile

The “My Profile” section is where DealTap users can manage their personal information, brokerage information, password, subscriptions, and billing. To access it, simply click the “My Profile” icon in the side menu.

Let’s explore each section:

  1. My Profile
    Will direct you to the My Profile section to view user profile settings
  2. Account Status
    Underneath your name, you will see a green marker indicating your current account status
  3. Profile Picture
    In this section, you can upload and manage your personal profile picture. This picture will appear in all emails when sharing deals to recipients
  4. My Info
    In this section, you can update your personal information such as Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address. Information entered in this tab will automatically appear in your OREA forms when creating deals (where applicable)
  5. Brokerage
    This is where all of your brokerage information is stored. If you are part of a brokerage registered with DealTap, this section will be view-only and directly managed by your brokerage’s administrator. If you are not part of a registered DealTap brokerage, you can manually input your brokerage’s information
  6. Integrations
    Here you can manage your integration with other 3rd party applications such as LoneWolf’s loadingDOCS
  7. Password
    In this section, you can update your password credentials for your DealTap account
  8. Subscription Details
    In this section, you can manage your subscription plan, add/update credit card information, see past invoices, and add Coupon and Group Codes