Understanding the side menu

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each icon represents (from top to bottom):

  1. Dashboard: Your account’s homepage. In here you will create new deals, upload new files and see your latest document feed
  2. Documents: See all your files, folders and forms
  3. Brokerage: View, add and modify DealTap users within your brokerage. (only visible for admin accounts)
  4. Contacts: View, create, edit and import contacts
  5. Clauses: Create, edit, organize, group, and view all brokerage and OREA standard clauses
  6. Support: Access support articles, training, and the customer support line
  7. My Profile: Manage your personal information, plan details, and billing
  8. Upload File: Upload deals, images, and files into your account
  9. New Deal: Create a new deal
  10. New Deal for Agent: Admins can initiate deals or agreements on behalf of agents
  11. Logout: Log out of your DealTap account

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.27.44 AM

ok-xxl Deal Tip: To hide or reveal the side menu, simply click on the “DealTap” icon at the top of the list.