What are Versions in Dealtap?

DealTap ensures that you are in compliance with all RECO rules and regulations. This includes keeping track of all changes that are made to agreements. Therefore, each time a negotiating party makes a change on your shared agreement, a new version is created and saved along with the previous version.

Users can also manually add to the version tree if their original agreement is sent back via PDF or paper.

DealTap will track versions in macro and micro views.

Once an agreement is created you can track all changes in the History section in the document toolbar.

Document Versions: Gives a basic overview of all versions in the agreement (i.e. Version 1 from the buyer agent, Version 2 from the seller agent).

Advanced Versions: Gives a detailed breakdown of all changes made to the agreement (i.e. when a field is signed, when an agreement is opened/shared, etc.).

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