After 15 months of listening, designing and building, we’re thrilled to announce that DealTap 2.0 is coming May 2nd! We’re extremely proud in bringing the next phase of real estate transactions in Ontario for REALTORS and Brokers alike.

Early bird opt-ins and existing users will have an exclusive opportunity to test drive 2.0. We encourage your feedback as we continue to optimize the platform with updates every 2 weeks.

*Note*: For REALTORS with existing 1.0 accounts – we will be limiting access to DealTap on Monday May 2nd 1am-7am EST as our technical team completes the necessary system updates and 2.0 migration.

Let’s take a look at all the key features & updates of your new power tool.

Simple and easy-to-use

We have completely redesigned our interface for a better user experience. Access forms, files and clauses quicker with less clicks. Share and sign with other parties more intuitively than ever before.

new ui

Smart Forms

DealTap is a licensed provider of all OREA forms & clauses. We improved how agents use OREA forms by adding “intelligence” within every page & field. Below is a quick synopsis of what Smart Forms can do for you:

    • Fill-in forms faster

Fields commonly shared across multiple forms (client information, property address, irrevocability date, etc.) automatically pre-populate for every new form a REALTOR adds. This way you only need to input the same field once.


    • Prevent Mistakes

DealTap understands each field in the context of your deal and will prompt you when certain mistakes have been made.

For example:

1. Submitting a form when fields are blank (deposit, address, chattels, etc.)

2. Client tries to share with missing signatures

3. Signing a deal when irrevocability date has expired


    • No Setup Needed for Electronic Signatures (no drag and drop)

Other e-signature providers require users to drag & drop sign fields on every page, as they don’t understand the file you are working on.

By intelligently understanding each role, DealTap knows exactly where each person needs to initial/sign and how many times. Sign tags will automatically appear and the party will be guided by a signature progress bar.


    • Make & Track Edits

Fields on DealTap’s Smart Forms are editable and trackable. Counters can be easily made directly on the form without the need to print and amend with your pen.


    • Versions

If the cooperating party makes edits on your agreement, a new version is automatically created and your original offer is archived in the version tree. If the agreement ends up on paper mid-way through the process, you can easily upload it back into the tree. This allows for better organization and compliance with RECO Bill 55.

version tree

    • Version “Swipe” Timeline

In addition to organizing your counter offers in the version tree, you can easily navigate through all counters via the swipe timeline.


Upload any file to edit & e-sign

One of the most commonly requested features was the ability to upload documents back into DealTap to edit and electronically sign. We did it! You can now upload files, append text boxes, strikethroughs and electronic sign tags. This is extremely useful for listing agents who receive paper or PDF agreements, as well as buying agents who start on Dealtap and have the cooperating agent return with a PDF. You can now remain 100% digital, regardless of what the other party uses.

upload and edit

Store and organize your files

To help you stay organized we have created deal folders that serve as your cloud storage to keep all files, images, forms and clauses pertaining to a your transaction. You can simply share the entire folder to your admin to review and approve during your post-close process.


Input fields directly on the form

In addition to inputting fields via field view, DealTap gives users the ability to edit fields directly on the form when working in preview mode.


Expanded Support

The standard 9-5 work hours don’t apply to REALTORS. Knowing that late evenings are typically when deals close – we expanded our support via email & phone to 6am-midnight EST, 7 days a week.


2000% Speed Increase

By rebuilding the infrastructure of our platform, we reaped huge performance improvements in click responses, load times and overall usability by 2000%.


2016 OREA Forms

DealTap holds the complete library of all 2016 OREA residential forms, and will remain up to speed on all the latest updates and changes as made by OREA.

OREA forms

Ontario-wide MLS Integration

Building on top of our TREB feed, DealTap has expanded its ability to pre-populate forms with MLS information from Ontario-wide listings.


Folder Checklist

For brokerages using DealTap, users can better complete the post-close process with the help of folder checklists. Checklists are created by admins to help guide agents on what’s needed when submitting paperwork to the office.


Inter-office Chat

During the post-close process, admins and agents can chat back and forth by leaving comments within their respective deal folder.


Coming this Summer

1. Offer Templates

Create, store and easily access a saved collection of files, forms and clauses for quicker offer generation.


2. DealTap for Teams

We are well underway in building DealTap for high performing Teams. For those interested to learn more, early bird registration opens May 2nd.



For those interested in training, DealTap will be holding a series of webinars and in-office seminars. Click here to register. Contact support for any additional questions: [email protected] or +1 (855) 222 5009.

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